TEAM - Current and Past Graduates

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Elias Georges, Associate Professor
Canadian Pacific Chair in Biotechnology

BSc (Biochemistry) - McGill University
PhD (Biochemistry) - McGill University

Research interests:
  • Drug resistance in cancer and malaria
  • Protein protein interactions
  • Novel therapeutic approaches
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Fadi BAAKDAH, Ph.D., Graduate Student

Project: Biochemical characterization of PfCRT: Normal functions and substrate interactions in P. falciparum and heterologous expression system.
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Georgia Limniatis, Ph.D. Graduate Student

Project: Molecular Mechanisms of ABCB1-mediated collateral sensitivity in tumour breast cancer cells.
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Sania Khan, Ph.D. Graduate Student

Project: Characterization of P. falciparum ABCG Transporter Functions and Subcellular Trafficking
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Zahra Sahaf, MSc-A Graduate Student

Project: Construction of PfABCG Chimeras and expression in a heterologous system
Past Graduate Students and Post-Docs.
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Khlood Al Sulami, MSc Graduate Student

Project: Heterologous Expression of Pfabcg in mammalian cells and sub cellular localization.
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Rowa Bakadlag, MSc., Graduate Student

Project: Collateral sensitivity of ABCB1-positive tumour cells to Tamoxifen.
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Ohud Fallatah, MSc Graduate Student

Project: Eryptosis as novel approach to Plasmodium falciparum drug targeting
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Dr. Sonia Edaye, Ph.D. Graduate Student

Project: Role of PfMDR1 and PfCRT in drug transport. Characterization of PfABCG transporter.
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Shvetha Ramachandran, MScA - Biotech. Res. Project

Project: MK571 drug analogues and their effects on cells expressing ABCC1-5
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Sangeun (Sophie) JEON, MScA - Biotech. Res. Project

Project: The effects of sorcin protein expression on the collateral sensitivity of multi-drug resistant tumour cells.
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Ram Ambadipudi, Ph.D. Graduate Student

Project: Identification of ABCC1 Linker Domain Binding Proteins

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Dr. Remi M. Laberge, Ph.D. Graduate Student

Project:  Study of ABCB1 and ABCC1 Mediated Collateral Sensitivity

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Dr. Mara Leimanis, Ph.D. Graduate Student

Project:  Identification and Characterization of ABCG2 in Human Erythrocytes as mainly Homo-dimer and Demonstration of ABCC2 Binding to LTC4.

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Dr. Jeol Karwatski, Ph.D. Graduate Student

Project: Mapping ABCC1 Binding Domains to Drugs and Endogenous Normal Ligands AND The Mechanism of Collateral Sensitivity
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Dr. Roni Daoud, Ph.D. Graduate Student

Project: Synthesis of Photo-reactive Drugs and Characterization Their Binding to ABCC1 in Drug Resistant Tumour Cells
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Marko Vezmar, MSc Graduate Student

Project: Demonstration and Characterization of ABCC1 Interactions with Quinoline Based Drugs
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Max Lincoln, MSc Graduate Student

Project: Mechanism of ABCB1 (P-glycoprotein) Mediated Collateral Sensitivity in Drug Resistant Cells.
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Gabriela Certade, MSc Graduate Student

Project: Cloning and Characterization of the Proteosome S4 ATPase from P. falciparum.
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Dr. Omar Alqawi, Ph.D. Graduate Student

Project: Study of Detergent ABC Transporters Interactions
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Abraham Abraham, MSc Graduate Student

Project: Isolation and Characterization of Actinomycin D Resistant P. falciparum.
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Dr. Jean-Francios Pouliot, Ph.D. Post-doc. fellow

Project: Characterize Iveramectin Binding to P-glycoprotein in Multi-drug Resistant Cells and Other Reversing agents.
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Dr. Ying Wang, Ph.D. Graduate Student

Project: Identification and Characterization of Annexin I as Differentially Expressed Protein in Drug Resistant Cells.
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Dr. Bakela (Roy) Nare, Post-doc. fellow

Project: Synthesis of Photo-reactive Drugs and Characterizing their Binding to P-glycoprotein in Drug Resistant Cells
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Sharon Rutherford, MSc Graduate Student

Project: Construction and Expression of Single Chain Monoclonal Antibody to Vimentin
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Dr. Xing Pan, Ph.D. Post-doc. Fellow

Project: Isolation and Characterization of Drug Resistant Plasmodium falciparum